Site Has Been Updated!

The site has undergone some major changes, most notably the removal of the photo galleries. But, have no fear, they have simply been moved! This site has gone from the ‘Unofficial Website’ to the ‘Unofficial WordPress’, while the unofficial website has moved to here. The new site has (unofficially) the largest collection of information and photos of Jesse L. Martin (5,000+ and counting!) in one spot, including: 1,100+ pictures from RENT, 780+ pictures from Law & Order, 200+ film promotional and screen shots, and 1,800+ pictures from over 100 events since 1998. All the photo galleries are up-to-date, as are all the pages, unlike the old website that was here on WordPress.

What the new site has:

  • An update-to-date photo gallery with over 5,000 pictures
  • A media page that has:
    • Audios from various RENT performances (live!) on Broadway and on the West End
    • Audios from Ally McBealThe X-Files and more
    • Clips of all the scenes with Jesse L. Martin on Ally McBeal (not 100% done but will be within a week)
  • Links to over 150 videos
  • Transcripts from selective television interviews
  • A guestbook
  • A separate page for updates only
  • Links to over 40 interviews and articles
  • An extensive trivia page
  • A long list of quotes
  • Career, biography, and awards and honours pages
  • Links to purchase all of his projects, from TV shows to movies to soundtracks to the audiobook he narrated (only for Canada, the US and the UK)

What’s new on this site:

  • The theme has been changed to something nicer and cleaner
  • Several pages have been removed
  • Photo gallery links go to the new site
  • Daily/or weekly* photos (that will now be updated regularly)
  • Contact form
  • GIF of the Week

This site will continue to operate so you can get your daily and/or weekly* dose of Jesse L. Martin, as well as stay up to date with his latest projects. Follow the blog by email and you’ll always be among the first to know about his latest projects, and receive daily and/or weekly pictures*. If you want even more, follow the Jesse L. Martin Tumblr.

If you wish to submit anything or have any questions or comments, please see the “Contact” page.


Peace & Be Kind To One Another.

*Weekly photos are guaranteed, however, daily photos will depend on time constraints on my side. It is possible that it may alternate between the two from time to time.