New Website

Just in case anyone checks this website or stumbles on it: The website has been once again moved. It is no longer, but It is highly unlikely that the website will get moved again. If you wish to connect elsewhere, feel free to visit us on TwitterFacebook or Tumblr (semi-hiatus)

In case you’re wondering what’s different with the new website:

What’s New? 

  • A newsletter! Perhaps one of the most exciting new features is a monthly newsletter that will give you the highlights of any news (such as casting announcements, event appearances) as well as website updates, if there are any. Each monthly newsletter will also include something for you to check out, such as a specific photo gallery, video, quote, etc, just in case you missed it on the website. You can also subscribe to get an as-it-happens newsletter, which will notify you of any casting announcements, website updates, event appearances, etc. If you really want, you can have both! The choice is yours. You can sign up on the contact page.
  • Another exciting new feature is a forum to discuss everything and anything related to Jesse L. Martin. Please be sure to read the rules before you post anything. There aren’t many, but they are important. (Forum Page)
  • A new guest book.
  • More trivia.
  • More quotes.
  • FAQ page.
  • New career pages. (Main | Filmography | Stage | Awards | Others)
  • A new press archive with more articles and interviews! All links have also been checked, therefore, there should be no dead links (at least not for a while).
  • New photo galleries. They aren’t that different from the old ones, but these ones look nicer and some pages have a “related galleries” suggestions.
  • On a slightly lesser scale of exciting, this site has a custom favicon.
  • New “About” page.
  • New “Links” page.

Unfortunately, the site still isn’t finished. Despite being published and launched, there is still a long ways to go before the site will be complete. It will be  a work in progress for months to come. Updates will be posted on the news page, along with on Facebook and in the newsletters. But here are something things you can look forward to in the (hopefully) near future.

What’s Coming?

  • Individual pages for each (major) project he has done, from film to TV to theatre. They will feature reviews, related galleries, related media, synopsis and more, when available.
  • More media. This will certainly take quite a while before it will be complete, but when it’s done it will be the largest collection of audios and videos of Jesse L. Martin in one place. All media will be hosted on this site, which means no more having to visit a different site!
  • Photo galleries. Some galleries are already up and running, but for the most part they are in the process of being created.

For now, the old Weebly website along with this WordPress one will remain live. However, they are not active and will likely be down, especially this one.